Marvis Travel-Sized Toothpaste - Blue Accessorie

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*Classic Mint*: uniquely intense peppermint for the most dedicated coffee drinkers*Ginger Mint*: a hint of spice gives this mint both a warming and cool effect at once*Cinnamon Mint*: classic mint with spicy overtones *Jasmine Mint*: sweet floral notes with the freshness of classic mint*Whitening Mint*: sharp, cool mint for a lasting freshness that brightens your smile and day*Aquatic Mint*: sweet and soft mint with the fresh burst of a cool sea breeze*About Marvis* Known for their innovative aromas and long-lasting palette, this iconic brand has been a favorite in Italy for generations. Leaving this tube on your washbasin is a surprisingly chic statement, thanks to the handsome packaging.

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