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How to flaunt shirtdresses this summer
Women just cannot have enough of stylish and glamorous dresses! And what better excuses to wear a dress when it looks like a shirt?! Shirtdresses are definitely hot this summer and ... Read More
Everybody’s doing the Kimono!
Kimono, Kimono; that’s just about everything everyone is talking about these months! If you don’t know what Kimono is, it’s high time you start implementing this ... Read More
Spring/Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends
You have no idea how important sunglasses have become! Not only have they become essentially significant for your attire but add a dimension to your personality. Want to ... Read More
Jeans trends for this season
Jeans are essential to complete your wardrobe for every season. With every trend taking a U-turn towards the 70’s era, the trend for skinny jeans is changing. If you don’t have slimmer legs, you ... Read More
If it’s transparent; I’ve got to have it!
Fashion is going a little overboard with the transparency trend. The spring and summer of 2015 is all about wearing transparent and flaunting it off! Transparency has reached garments, fashion ... Read More
Let’s wear the roman Age in style
Gladiator sandals are certainly the footwear to wear this summer. They are as stylish as it could get and fashion does not certainly get better than this. With an eccentric feel to it, it is the most happening ... Read More
Back to the '70s
The fashion week that took place at the beginning of 2015 showed us that the 1970’s are back in. Known as the decade of women's statement as it was the decade when women evolved professionally and socially - the 70’s brought with them a ... Read More
Voila! Spring is here
Spring - a glorious time of the year when everything is colourful around you. You can really embed that feeling into yourself by wearing the trends for this coming season. Spring - a glorious time of the year when everything is colourful ... Read More
Mother’s day ideas
Nobody in this world can replace our mother. For a soul as special as a mother’s, it should be our duty to make her feel special and thank her. There are countless ways by which we can appreciate our moms. Want some amazing new Mother’s ... Read More
Trends to learn from the best dressed of London Fashion Week
For all those who missed the entire London Fashion Week which ended recently, here are some scoops on the latest trends you need to look out for. The first thing you need to know about street fashion in this climate is selection of a single ... Read More
Beauty Tips & Trends
Now that New York Fashion Week has closed, we have a minute to reflect on the beauty looks that were sent down the runways. For a lot of people, New York Fashion Week is all about the clothes. But, for the beauty-obsessed among us, our eyes ... Read More
Pointed shoes are the current rulers!
You may have been the trendiest fashionista of town but you need to know the importance of pointed shoes right now. Pointed shoes have gained much significance in determining your appearance ... Read More
How to make flared jeans work?
There are hundreds of ways to wear your favorite denims, which one is your favorite? Among the most commonly loved jeans are the flared ones. Flared jeans are basically a little wider from ... Read More
Olivia from Olivia Laura Blog
How can you keep a style interesting? Don't follow the crowds or wear the same as everyone else. Also make sure you have a varied wardrobe; plenty of colours, textures and prints to play around with. Don't be afraid to experiment ... Read More
Steph from Influence Blog
How can you keep a style interesting? Through accessories, I love adding a hat to an outfit or an oversized necklace as it quickly transforms your look into one that's more dressy and interesting. As a new mummy I don't get ... Read More
Sophia from Girl In Menswear
How can you keep a style interesting? Classic styles can be updated by layering other key pieces over your wardrobe staples, this creates interesting shapes and proportion. Accessorizing with scarves, a statement lip ... Read More
Adora from Adora Mehitabel
How can you keep a style interesting? I would say adding lots of detail, I don't like plain outfits. I don't really follow trends I like to keep to my style, being creative. I love adding a quirky bag & jewellery. It really adds something ... Read More
Sarah from Temporary:Secretary
How can you keep a style interesting? I keep clothes for ages, so it's important for me to be able to give new life to them! I keep things interesting by using different accessories, like ... Read More
Eilidh from Maisy Meow
How can you keep a style interesting? I love adding statement jewellery, a bright lipstick or colourful accessories to change the whole look of an outfit. It's all about the little things!If I'm going somewhere nice, I usually give myself ... Read More
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