Jeans trends for this season

Jeans are essential to complete your wardrobe for every season. With every trend taking a U-turn towards the 70’s era, the trend for skinny jeans is changing. If you don’t have slimmer legs, you ought to be thankful!... See more

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If it’s transparent; I’ve got to have it!

Fashion is going a little overboard with the transparency trend. The spring and summer of 2015 is all about wearing transparent and flaunting it off! Transparency has reached garments, fashion accessories and even ... See more
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Gladiator sandals

Let’s wear the roman Age in style

Gladiator sandals are certainly the footwear to wear this summer. They are as stylish as it could get and fashion does not certainly get better than this. With an eccentric feel to it, it is the most happening and unique ... See more
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Back to the 70s

Back to the '70s

The fashion week that took place at the beginning of 2015 showed us that the 1970’s are back in. Known as the decade of women's statement as it was the decade when women evolved professionally and socially - the 70’s ... See more
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